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Licensing Jim Frazier's Photographs 

License fees for any type of organization (commercial, non-profit, government, etc.)      

Single use of a small version (no more than 900 pixels on the long side)  -  web only.  No watermarks. $50
Single use of a large version (more than 900 pixels on the long side) in print or on web.  No watermarks. $200
Single use of an image as cover art for a CD, book, magazine or another publication.  No watermarks. Contact us

Payment must be received prior to delivery of image.  Paypal is available.  If you have a standard pricing schedule, or different standard payment terms, I'm flexible.  All amounts are in US dollars.  

I do not represent or guarantee in any way that your use of the image requires, or does not require, additional permissions.  It is your sole responsibility to assure that the photo you are licensing is suitable for your intended use.  Releases ARE available for some images - fees may vary.

Amounts shown are for non-exclusive rights.  If you require exclusive rights, please contact me.

These prices are only valid if you have not used the picture yet.  If you have already published it without permission, please contact me.

If you find a picture of yourself that was not taken as part of a contract or assignment, you can probably have the high-res image for free.  Please contact me.

These terms are subject to change at any time and without notice.

If you are an individual, hobby blogger, non-profit organization or government agency,  and you have found an image you would like to use, please contact me.  From time to time, I license my photographs to users at no charge depending on the planned use and the type of organization.  You must contact me to obtain permission.  Note that this won't apply to consulting and design firms or publishers unless you are providing your work pro bono or at a severely discounted fee.

Here are the usual conditions.  Although if you have a problem with any of them, please let me know.

You must contact me first, before using any image.  All of my pictures are copyrighted, all rights reserved with no permission to use unless I specifically give it.  

You must recognize the rights of people, as well as the rights of owners of property shown in the picture. Please see the note above regarding any necessary permissions.

You may not alter, transform, or build upon the work,  Which means you may not remove any watermarks.

You must clearly attribute it to "" or "Jim Frazier" or "Jim Frazier Photography" and link to or the picture's page on Flickr.  The attribution should be visible to the naked eye (eg. not a "mouse-over") and in the immediate vicinity of the image.  It is not acceptable to simply say "credit" or "attribution" with a link or to put the credit and/or link on another page.  If the picture has one of my watermarks, and it's legible, then only a link is required.

Repeat: you must contact me first, before using any image.  All of my pictures are copyrighted, all rights reserved with no permission to use unless I specifically give it.

Please note that the conditions in this box are only for FREE usage, if authorized.  They generally don't apply if you've paid the license fee above.





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