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Here are links dedicated to guys going by Jim Frazier and James Frazier.  

I started this list one day when I was feeling guilty about snagging before the rest of you.  I did have at one time, but thought this was kind of piggy, so I let it go.  I went on Google and discovered how many of us are out there.  After seeing the results, I thought I'd set up a page for fun just to provide links to the rest of us.  Here's a search for "jim" and "james" on Google. 

I'm not making this a career, so my research hasn't been extensive - basically the first couple of pages of results on Google.  If you're on this list and want to correct or enhance something, please contact me.  If you're not listed and want to be, please contact me.  My only major criteria:  You must go by James or Jim Frazier and have a listing on a Web site.  If your name is just out there because of something like a news story, I won't list you.  But if you've got a specific page, like a directory listing someplace, I'll add you.  If you want to be taken off (or added), please let me know.

Oh, heck.  Even if you're listed just fine, contact me.  I'd love to hear from you.  I'm thinking about starting an association so we can share stories about how we're all glad the TV show is off the air, how we keep getting called Joe, and...  

Well, OK, maybe the annual convention won't be a starter.  But I'd still love to hear from you.

One positive benefit of this page...for about a week, I was getting love letters addressed to a Jim Frazier other than me.  Eventually, the author figured it out and apologized.  No need, actually.  It was kinda fun.   

Another benefit of my research - according to the Internet Movie Database, there have been four Jim Frazier's in the movies including Humphrey Bogart and James Earl Jones.  Not bad.

Jim Frazier

Jim's a professional speaker based in the Chicago area doing seminars primarily on accounting topics.  (This would be yours truly.)

Jim is a Broadcast Editor/Designer in Flagstaff, AZ - James Frazier Portfolio  

Jim is a college student and film critic, as well as an amateur screenwriter.  He publishes on his blog.

Jim's an artist - Jim Frazier Illustration and Design (and this guy drives me crazy - he always beats me when you search for Jim Frazier on Google!)

Jim's an audio engineering in the Chicago area

James is a professor of entomology at Penn State

James is an instructor in video production at Gavilan College in Gilroy, California

James is a research technician at the Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh.  We could be related since my Dad is from Pittsburgh and James is a family name.  Hmmmm.

James is president of James Frazier Associates in Pittsburgh.  Hmmm, another potential relative in PA.  Another contact to make.

Jim is on the Arkansas Waterway Commission

Jim is an actor.  So is Jimmy (same person?)

James plays football for Brown University

C. James (not sure he qualifies) is an artist

James is a computer support technician

James is on the county council in Horry County, SC

James is an attorney in Lexington, KY.  His son, James, is a student a Southern Methodist University.

Another James is an attorney in Plano, TX

James is a personal growth and development consultant

I actually had a chance to meet this James in Rockford in 2009.  Here's a picture...

 Two Guys Named Jim Frazier

That's Jim Frazier on the left and Jim Frazier on the right

Jimmy (or Jim) from Franklin, TN is on Myspace

Yikes!  There's a whole bunch of Jim Fraziers on Linkedin, Spoke

There's a Jim Frazier Lake in North Carolina - how cool is that?












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