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Instructions for viewing Jim Frazier's pictures on Flickr using the link provided.

-Once youíve clicked on the link, itíll take you to the set of pictures.  Youíll see a collection of small thumbnails and at least three links underneath the name of the set:  

 Thumbnails   Detail   Comments

 -Click on the "Detail" link to see larger versions of the pictures that you can browse.

 -Click on any picture, and you'll see the picture on its own page.  Click on the "actions" menu above the picture, then click on "view all sizes"  

-Click on "Original" to see the full-sized picture.  If you want to save the picture to your computer, click on the link "Download the Original size".  Or you can select a smaller size as well.  


-If you want to order a print, you'll need to become a member of Flickr.  This is easy and free.  And if you already have a Yahoo ID, it's even easier.  Click on the sign-up link.

-Find the picture you want printed and click on the "order prints" icon above the image.   

-If you would like to download and print the pictures on your own, then you'll want to download the original size (see above).  



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